Public Speaking…A Most Important Tool for Youth

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Public speaking is one of the most important tools to have as an adult which is why local 4-H kids work on it when they’re young.

New Hanover County 4-H’ers will have a different format with presentations in 2020. Due to the recent COVID 19 and stay-at-home plan, 4-H presentations will held virtually. This is a new and exciting time for everyone! Youth will have the opportunity to Zoom their presentation OR submit a non-edited recording of their presentation. Presentation length will remain 5 to 12 minutes in length.

IMage of Mallory B

Mallory B. shares how to make “Edible Cookie Dough” during her presentation at County Activity Day.

There are over 30 categories for the kids to select as their topic, including an open class for subjects that don’t fit into a category. Kids are normally given a topic for presentations in school, so this gives them a chance to learn more about something they find exciting. We encourage participants to choose a topic they are passionate about and want to share with others. Some of the presentations from previous competitions were wildlife, manga artwork, how to set up a fish aquarium, healthy lifestyles, and archery.

Even the youngest members of the 4-H family, 5-to-7-year-old Cloverbuds, are given the opportunity to try their hands at speaking.

Image of Jerod S

Jerod S. describes the safety protocol of Archery during County Activity Day.

Their time requirement is much shorter, three-to-five minutes as opposed to the five-to-twelve minutes expected of the 8-to-18-year-old presenters. Many 4-H’ers will give multiple presentations over their career in the program. It is rewarding to see the kids’ confidence in their public speaking skills increase over the years.

We are excited to showcase New Hanover County’s talented youth during County Activity Day. Talent acts can range from singing, to dancing, to juggling, and even comedy.

Image of Alyssa A

Alyssa A. performs her violin piece during the New Hanover County 4-H Talent Show.

A maximum time limit of five minutes per act. The top two talent acts will then move on to represent New Hanover County 4-H at the district competition. The talent show is open to 4-H youth ages 5-7 (Cloverbuds) and 8-18.

Volunteer judges will evaluate the presentation and talent show and offer advice for improvement. The judges use the Danish System, which rates the performance of competitors compared to a standard of achievement, not to one another.

Presentations Registration Contact Mr. Scott to schedule
Talent Show Registration POSTPONED UNTIL FALL 2020.

Register or request additional information by contacting J. Scott Enroughty, 4-H Agent, at 910-798-7669;  via email at or New Hanover County 4-H website.

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