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Local Native Plant Vendors

N.C. Cooperative Extension, New Hanover County Center advocate for native plants vs non-native plants when installing new, or updating your landscaping, as the benefits are numerous:

  •  provide food and shelter for native wildlife
  • generally easier to grow and require less care (fertilizing etc)
  • can withstand the local environment
  • rarely invasive

As a resource, North Carolina Sea Grant ‘Coastal Landscape Initiative’created templates using natives.

NC Coastal Landscaping Designs

To help you locate plants contained in these plans we have created a spreadsheet of local vendors that routinely have these plants available.

Coastal Landscape Plan Vendors – Coastal Landscape Plan Vendors

Many native plants have evolved to grow in wet soil and can work well in areas where there may be a drainage issue.

Native Plants for Wet Areas

To earn more about gardening with North Carolina native plants contact your local N.C. Cooperative Extension office or check out this page of native plant resources

Native Plant Resources

Beautyberry plant