4-H Exploration: “Leaf-ing in My Community” Activity

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We are excited to provide you with a “4-H Exploration: “Leaf-ing in My Community” activity but most of all learning about leaves and trees. Leaves are an important part of our world. From photosynthesis to gas exchange. You too can learn the wide variety of trees and leaves that “leaf” in your community. Let’s get started!

This “4-H Exploration: Leaf-ing in My Community” activity is just a sample of the resources that New Hanover County 4-H has to offer. If you would like to know more about this activity, contact J. Scott Enroughty, 4-H Agent.

Follow the Path Level I: Forestry Youth Activity Guide. Curriculum created by National 4-H Council

4-H Forestry Project “Introducing Yourself to Trees” 4-H curriculum Deborah B. Hill, Extension Specialist, Forestry, University of Kentucky Online.

Project Learning Tree (PLT) Curriculum created by Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Biology Dictionary


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Youth Outcomes
1. Practice the life skills of decision making, problem-solving, communicating with others, interpreting information, teaching others
2. Recognizing the importance of forests4-H Grows Here badge
3. Identifying different types of forests, trees, and forest products
4. Developing skills necessary to keep forests healthy

Interactive Resources

4-H Exploration Friday!

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4-H Leaf-ing in My Community Activity

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