May 2-8 Is Compost Awareness Week

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It’s compost awareness week (May 2–8, 2021) and this year’s theme is ‘Grow, Eat, Compost, Repeat’. Composting is a natural and easy way to recycle organic matter into a rich nutrient to fertilize the soil.

Rhonda Sherman, an Extension Specialist in the Department of Horticultural Science at NC State University. Rhonda is the founder and director of a two‐acre Compost Learning Lab at NC State’s 1,500-acre Lake Wheeler Road Field Laboratory. The lab has 26 types of composting and vermicomposting (worms) bins and offers hands-on classes. She is a leading expert and has written extensively about composting. One of those articles on backyard composting of yard, garden, and food discards is a must-read for those interested in starting to compost at home and is available online.

If you do not have a yard or space for an outdoor compost pile you can compost indoors by purchasing a specially designed bin that is available to purchase at local hardware stores.

For more information or questions about composting, contact our office at (910) 798-7660.
poster showing vegetables in the ground