Cape Fear Fair & Expo 4-H Booth and Hay Bale Results 2019

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Cape Fear Fair logo imageNew Hanover County 4-H was well represented at the Cape Fear Fair & Expo 2019!

This year’s entries were amazing! Everyone worked incredibly hard on their 4-H fair booths and hay bales!

Congratulations on a job well done! 

2019 Cape Fear Fair & Expo 4-H Exhibits and Hay Bale Results

4-H Exhibits

1st place:    Hooves, Spurs, and Fur 4-H Club (Pender County)

2nd place:   Brunswick County 4-H Adventurers’ Club (Brunswick County)

3rd place:     New Hanover County 4-H  (New Hanover County)

4th place:     New Hanover County 4-H Teen Leaders (New Hanover County,
                                         (club leaders: Tina Sharpe and J. Scott Enroughty)

5th place:     4-H 4 Fun Club (New Hanover County, club leader: Candace DaSilva)
6th place:     4-H Trackers Club (New Hanover Countyclub leaders: Liz Rappold and                                                 Elizabeth Mayott-Scharf) 

7th place:   Pender County 4-H Teen Council (Pender County)

Hay Bales

1st place:   turkey (CFF&E are not sure of who entered.) 
2nd place:    NHC 4-H Horse Club, (New Hanover County, club leader: Jill Wilson)  
3rd place:   Pender County 4-H Teen Council, (Pender County)
4th place:     Focus 4-H Archery Club, (New Hanover County,
                        (club leader: Sheuna Battle) 
5th place:  Hooves, Spurs, and Furs 4-H Club, (Brunswick County)