A New Look for a Signature Program

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The first Extension Master Gardener sm Volunteer program was started in January of 1973 at Washington State University. Extension faculty recruited and trained a group of volunteers in order to meet the needs of the gardening public. This launched a movement that would spread across the world.

Six years later, in March 1979, the Extension center in Wake County started training volunteers in an EMGV program. The first EMGV reported to work on April 2, 1979. New Hanover County quickly adopted and expanded its Garden Hotline program into an EMGV program. Today there are over 4,000 EMGVs across the state.

Most people identify the watering can as the master gardener program logo. As you can imagine marketing a service named NC Cooperative Extension was no easy task. They decided to change the marketing strategy so that it tied the program to the university by incorporating the red brick into the master gardener logo.

To learn more about the logo and it’s use click here:  https://content.ces.ncsu.edu/nc-state-extension-master-gardener-brand